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The Sportfish of Casco Bay, Maine

Casco Bay, located smack in the middle of the incredible Gulf of Maine, is an angler’s paradise. Whether you want to fish for mackerel, cod, haddock, striped bass, bluefish, shark, or tuna, there is a season for it.


The lowly mackerel is plentiful in Casco Bay. Valued by bait fishermen for use on striper, shark and tuna trips, the mackerel can be found reliably through most of the season. They are also deeply loved by children, who can sometimes take four, five or even six at a time on a single rod! Some of our mackerel get quite large and can be a lot of fun on light tackle or a fly.


Cod, once amazingly plentiful in the Gulf of Maine, have recently seen a significant decline in stocks. Cod are bottom-feeders who prefer rocky areas, and are still caught reliably with rod and reel in Casco Bay. Cod are extremely tasty and fun to catch.


Arguably the most highly-regarded food fish we seek, haddock are the staple of Maine’s seafood restaurants, and for good reason: They are delicious! They also fight harder than cod when hooked, and tend to inhabit the same areas as cod.

Striped Bass

Stripers are the target of the highest number of anglers in Casco Bay. They like fast-moving water, and will respond to a wide range of baits. In Casco Bay we can fish for stripers on the fly, live bait, chunk bait, plugs, tube-and-worm and an array of artificials. Stripers are great fighters and are a lot of fun to chase!


Bluefish are less plentiful than stripers in our area, but when they are in, watch out! Pound for pound, the bluefish outfights most fish its size. Powerful, determined not to be caught, and capable of long runs, hooking a bluefish is an experience no angler will forget. Keep your fingers clear, though. Bluefish have a nasty bite!


Maine has a great shark fishery, and we love fishing for them. We use flies, bait and lures, and once hooked, the Man in the Grey Suit will make it clear that his reputation for power and speed is well deserved. In the Gulf of Maine, our most common shark is the Blue, but we also have thresher, porbeagle, and makos. Cast, and hang on for the ride!


The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is one of the most powerful, fastest fish in the world. Highly regarded for its meat, the tuna fishery has been improving in recent years, and the sport has seen a marked increase in participants. At Fish Portland Maine, we target what is referred to as “the football,” an immature tuna known to drive bait to the surface in explosive feeding frenzies. Don’t be fooled, though. Footballs typically swim faster and react more actively than the giants. When hooked on a fly or medium tackle, you will only need to hook one fish to understand that there is nothing else in the ocean like a tuna.