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Guided Trips in Maine

If you are looking for a fishing guide in Maine, here is a list of the best of the best. Each of these links is to a guide we know of personally, and in whom we have the utmost confidence. If you decide to fish with them, let them know we sent you. As with exaggerating about the size of fish we catch, we also like to exaggerate about the number of referrals we give!

Maine Saltwater Outfitters

Captain Forrest Faulkingham has been guiding the Kennebec River for nearly 20 years. He knows every nook and cranny of this incredible fishery, and he is an absolute joy to fish with. Offering only the best in equipment, he is also an entertainer of the first degree. Capt. Faulkingham is noted for his incredible fly-tying which has been featured in books and magazines nationwide.
Contact: phone. 207-882-8392 cell. 207-841-7973 email. mesaltwtr@yahoo.com

Obsession Sport fishing Charters

Captain Dave Pecci is the Kennebec River’s Orvis Endorsed Guide. Dave is as knowledgeable as they come, and guides clients for everything from stripers and blues to tuna and shark. Dave has recently begun chartering out of Charlotte Harbor, Florida in Maine’s off-season. Dave is well known in the fishing community as a hard-fighter for the future of our fisheries, and is a wealth of knowledge on all things that swim.

Contact: phone. 207-841-1444 email. dave@obsessioncharters.com

Great Gadzooks Tidewater Fishing

Captain Johan Brouwer has been working the Kennebec River for over 12 years, and has committed every inch of it to memory. Captain Johan can put you on stripers and blues in the comfort of his well-appointed Jones Brothers Boat, and provides an insightful experience you won’t forget.

Contact: phone. 207-720-0857 email. greatgadzook@gwi.net

Down East - Eggemoggin Guide Services

Captain Pete Douvarjo is as fishy a human being as ever lived. When Capt. Pete is not thinking about fish, he’s either asleep, or under anesthetic. And even under anesthetic, he’s been known to ask the doctor for the leftover thread so he can tie flies with it. Pete is a blast to fish with, and can give you the best downeast Maine has to offer. He is as excited as you when you catch a fish. Don’t go downeast without looking Pete up.

Contact: phone. (401) 368-6723 email. meguide@midmaine.com

Freshwater Fishing - Grant’s Kennebago Camps

Grant’s Camps in the beautiful Rangeley Lakes Region is an amazing place, combining the best of yesteryear’s hospitality with amazing trout and salmon fishing and an honest-to-goodness family getaway. Not just for fishing addicts anymore, Grant’s is a place where the whole family can enjoy a range of fun outdoor activities, home-cooked meals, and well-appointed private cabins right on the lake. Bob and Carolyn Blunt are in their 28th year of operating this hidden gem, and once you visit, you’ll understand why.

Contact: phone. 800-633-4815

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