Maine Striped Bass Fishing Charters

Our Most Popular Charter!

Pound for pound, there’s nothing more fun on the Maine coast than hooking a striped bass. “Stripers” fight like crazy and typically give several good runs, often breaking the water’s surface as they attempt to get rid of the person at the other end of the line. Captain Mike is dialed in to where the big stripers live, and he’ll put you on the fish! You’ll use a combination of live and chunked baits – which we’ll typically catch prior to fishing for stripers – to target big bass running the ledges, beaches and other fishy areas. Great for anglers 10 and up. Suggested trip maximum of 4 people.

F.A.Q.s About Striped Bass Trips:

Q: What do I need to know about fishing before booking a trip to fish for striped bass?

A: Nothing! I’m happy to show you every step of process in successfully fishing for catching striped bass, including trophy-sized striped bass. Many of the pictures you see of clients holding big fish are people who either had little experience fishing, or who had never fished before!

Q: Do we have to go way out to sea to catch fish?

A: No! In fact most of our fishing is done in less than 10 feet of water. The biggest striped bass we ever caught was caught, photographed, and released in seven feet of water. 

Q. I don’t have any fishing equipment. Will I be able to fish?

A. Of course! All you need to bring is excitement and plans to have the time of your life! I do the rest. 

*Until further notice, all striped bass trips will be catch and release.

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