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Longer Trips Are Recommended For Giving Us The Best Shot At An Amazing Fish!

Four Hour Striped Bass

The four hour trip is a quick shot out for bait, and then we’ll hit a favorite local spot of mine to look for fish. This is a great trip for families with youngsters, or for someone who just wants a taste of striper fishing.

Until further notice, all striped bass trips are catch and release only.



Six Hour Striped Bass

This is the trip for folks looking to find a monster, or to spend a good amount of time catching good numbers of fish. We’ll commonly venture out of the harbor to spots further away that more reliably hold big fish. 

Until further notice, all striped bass trips are catch and release only. 


Full Day Striped Bass

The ultimate striper adventure. We’ll get a ton of bait first, and we may run to mythical spots where the stripers of your dreams hang out and wait for just the right angler to reward with the fight of a lifetime. 

Until further notice, all striper trips are catch and release only. 


If you haven't fished for stripers, you haven't lived! Stripers come to Portland, maine for the summer and they do one thing: Eat!

Pound for pound, there’s nothing more fun on the Maine coast than hooking a striped bass. “Stripers” fight like crazy and typically give several good runs, often breaking the water’s surface as they attempt to get rid of the person at the other end of the line. Captain Mike is dialed in to where the big stripers live, and he’ll put you on the fish! You’ll use a combination of live and chunked baits – which we’ll typically catch prior to fishing for stripers – to target big bass running the ledges, beaches and other fishy areas. Great for anglers 10 and up. Suggested trip maximum of 4 people.



F.A.Q.s About Striped Bass Trips:

Q: What do I need to know about fishing before booking a trip to fish for striped bass?

A: Nothing! I’m happy to show you every step of process in successfully fishing for catching striped bass, including trophy-sized striped bass. Many of the pictures you see of clients holding big fish are people who either had little experience fishing, or who had never fished before!

Q: Do we have to go way out to sea to catch fish?

A: No! In fact most of our fishing is done in less than 10 feet of water. The biggest striped bass a client has caught (45″) on Fly By Night was caught, photographed, and released in seven feet of water. 

Q. I don’t have any fishing equipment. Will I be able to fish?

A. Of course! All you need to bring is excitement and plans to have the time of your life! I do the rest. 

Q. Why are your trips “catch and release only?”

A. Good question! Striped bass stocks are in trouble. Period. After years of begging fisheries managers to act on behalf of the fish, they are finally taking note of the downturn in stocks. At Fish Portland Maine, we are, above all else, supporters of good management practices. A mature female striped bass will release MILLIONS of eggs per year, and for every 2.2 pounds in body weight increase, she’ll lay an additional 200,000 eggs. Generally, scientists believe any striped bass over 30″ is a female. What that means is, when we target huge fish, we’re targeting egg-laying females, and taking important breeding stock out of the fishery. And I don’t want to be part of the removal of any fish from the fishery at the moment. There are lots of captains who will let you keep a striper. I’m just not one of them. I thank you for your understanding. 

For more information about the life cycle and conservation of striped bass, here are some links: 

NOAA Striped Bass Info

Striped Bass on Verge of Collapse

How To Properly Release a Striped Bass

Why You Might Not Want To Eat Striped Bass



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While you’re on the water, you’ll very likely see a wide range of marine wildlife. On any given day we might see seals, harbor porpoises, ospreys, eagles, whales, tuna, and ocean sunfish, just to name a few.